Media Education for All

Critical Thinkers, Smarter Consumers

Malaysia's first national movement that empowers educators to equip our youth with media literacy skills.

Empowering the next generation to be media literate.

What is Media Education For All?

Media Education For All (ME4A) is a movement composed of educators and media practitioners to bring media and information literacy to all. ME4A (pronounced as mee-faa) hopes to empower our youth to be media users who are critical, discerning and assertive.

The movement is facilitated by Arus Academy -- a social enterprise that empowers today's problem-solvers through exciting and engaging learning, and The Fourth -- an independent collective of investigative and impact journalists.

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Are you able to identify the authenticity of information received?

Here's the problem:

Malaysia is one of the most connected countries in the world. We spend most of our daily lives connected to the Internet. Imagine the deluge of information - true and fake - coming through to us in our daily lives.

We bring together educators and media experts to empower our youth in discerning credible information from misinformation.

Our solution.

ME4A aims to highlight the importance of media and information literacy in mainstream education through 4 main initiatives that focus on providing educators with the right skills, tools and knowledge to process information. These initiatives will be driven by educators and supported by media practitioners as mentors.

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