#Media Literacy for All
The Issue

One of the biggest challenges of today's generation is how to be critical consumers of information.

We believe that teachers play a pivotal role to raise youth who are analytical and assertive, starting in the classrooms.

Mission & Values
We cultivate the critical and smart use of media among youth by empowering educators with media and information literacy skills.
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Preferring information sources that report the truth at all times even when it is challenging to do so. 

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Getting information from all sides and weighing them without being affected by one's own existing biases.

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Holding fast to what one knows is true even without support from the majority.

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Critical Thinking

Analysing, identifying and verifying the motivation and meaning behind information received.

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Taking actions within one's control to stop the spread of fake or unfair information and news. 

Our 4 initiatives under Media Education for All.

1. Form a Media Education For All movement by educators, for educators

Identify founders from the educator community who are interested and passionate in promoting media literacy for all. Founders can be from primary, secondary or tertiary learning institutions in both the public and private sectors. Together, they will form a registered society under the Registry of Societies Malaysia.

2. Build a media literacy training portal for all educators in Malaysia

With mentoring from and collaboration with media industry experts, Media Education For All founders will build a professional development portal to upskill Malaysian educators in media literacy. This portal is open to educators from all school levels.

3. Conduct continuous professional development courses for new members

Founding Members of Media Education For All will plan and conduct workshops to recruit and train new educators who are interested to be a part of the movement. The aim is to reach 3,000 educators by 2022. 

4. Design campaigns and a library of lesson materials on media literacy skills

Media Education For All founders will design campaigns to advocate for a better media environment through education. A competition will be held to kickstart the development of lesson materials on media literacy. All materials will then be curated in a digital resource bank for nationwide access. 
Empowering youth with media literacy is empowering them to be functional digital citizens and informed participants in a democratic Malaysia.

Founder and mentor selection

Application and selection for founders and mentors to kickstart Media Education For All.

Founder workshops

Founders will go through a series of modules and workshops on media and information literacy to ensure they have a comprehensive understanding and skills on the topic.

Jan - Feb
Mar - May

Development of Media Education Academy

Founders will work with mentors to develop the courses for a teacher training platform called Media Education Academy.

Launch of the Media Education Academy. Membership registration opens for ME4A's educator association.

Media Education Academy launches and teacher outreach begins to get 3,000 educators from all over Malaysia to complete the training. Membership registration for ME4A's educator association opens.

Jun - Dec
Advocacy & application

Advocacy campaigns and ongoing support for educators' initiatives in schools and institutions

Members of Media Education For All will begin advocacy work to promote the importance of  media and information literacy to as many people as possible. They will apply and integrate the media literacy knowledge, skills and tools they have learnt in everyday lessons with students.

Our GOAL for the new future
We want to build a movement around media and information literacy led by informed educators.

educator founders recruited.


media practitioner mentors recruited.


new members join the registered association Media Education For All.


educators start training in media and information literacy via Media Education Academy by January 2022.

What do you see?

Our logo consists of 4 multi-coloured speech bubbles, representing the many voices in the media. They also resemble the colours of Jalur Gemilang, the flag of Malaysia. 

We want to inspire youth to read in between the lines, look at the bigger picture from all sides, and identify unsaid biases so they can form holistic opinions. 

We hope you see the hidden 'M'.